Left-wing parties stage protest over home auctions outside Athens court, police headquarters

The leftist political parties LAE and Antarsya, flanked by members of trade union groups, student unions and other organisations, on Wednesday staged a protest rally against home auctions for overdue debts.

The protestors first gathered outside the Athens lower first-instance court on Loukareos Street, where the auctions are held, and then marched to the central headquarters of the Hellenic Police (ELAS) on Alexandras Avenue, blocking traffic on the westbound lane for a short while.

The rally was attended by LAE party leader Panagiotis Lafazanis, who noted that it was the largest protest rally over auctions held to date and had rallied together all the “radical, democratic, anti-memorandum sphere”.

“Our proposal is simple: all of us that are here today in a common front against the auctions, to form a common political front to overturn the memorandum bloc and this government,” he said.