Lefteris Petrounias: Υou must experience the defeat if you want to reach success

At this moment I am nothing, said Olympic gold medal winner in artistic gymnastics Lefteris Petrounias said to Athens Macedonian News Agency after receiving his award in the framework of the 2nd International Sports Science Congress organised by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

“At this moment I am nothing, I start from point zero. I am not an Olympic champion, a world champion or even a European champion; I start from the beginning to meet again my targets. This is what keeps you high, to continue to fight and to make a repeat. If I win again the European championship I will not think that I have won already three, I will believe that I am back to the start, that’s the way I think” he said.

At a question what is more difficult to deal with, the victory or the defeat he said “Each one has its own difficulty and gives its own lessons. I believe that you must experience the defeat if you want to reach success. Success is the most difficult part because you must continue to prove that you deserve to be there, to be an Olympic champion. When you participate in a competition all the eyes are fixed on you and in parallel my wish to continue to want to see my country’s flag high, is a heavy burden for me. To remain high and continue to win titles is more difficult than to deal with the defeat. Defeat makes you sorry but you can only learn from it. If you are a strong person and you are a strong person if you are an athlete, you kneel, you fall and then you get up stronger.