Leonidas Fragiadakis: National Bank needs normality

“National Bank needs normality, when we have so many issues open. The ambition of our restructuring plan makes it imperative at this moment to have good and close relations, primarily with our shareholders and our supervisors,” Leonidas Fragiadakis, chief executive of the bank said on Monday, addressing a meeting of the bank’s executives.

According to bank sources, Fragiadakis noted: “I know that you all read and you are worried, so do we. Our intention is that we come out of this united so things will go to the better. For this, we will take initiatives to smoothen our relations with Hellenic Financial Stability Fund. There was no intention to rapture our relation with the Fund”.

Hellenic Financial Stability Fund will continue examining its options -including the possibility of holding an extraordinary general meeting in National Bank- over the issue with the new chairman of the bank. HSFS representative said that the Fund was examining plans to call for an extraordinary general meeting in order to ensure a smooth cooperation between the bank’s board and its main shareholder.