Lesvos buildings tagged unsafe after earthquake reach 690

A total of 690 buildings out of 1,245 inspected on the island of Lesvos had been declared unsafe on Sunday night, following the 6.1-Richter earthquake that shook the island a week earlier. The buildings classed as unsafe for use included 579 houses, 38 business premises, 38 churches and other public buildings and 35 warehouses and sundry buildings.

The villages worst affected were Vrisa, where 225 buildings out of 250 inspected were deemed unsafe, and Lisvori, where 90 of 124 buildings inspected were found unsafe, both part of the Polichnitou municipality. Damage was also extensive in the town of Plomari, where 115 of 344 buildings found unsafe and the village of Akrasi, where a further 90 buildings of 124 inspected were tagged unsafe.

Island authorities noted that the situation “was more serious than we initially thought” with regard to rockfall and landslides, with new landslides reported in the mountainous regions of Plomari every day.