Lesvos island hit by major floods caused by storms

Lesvos island in the eastern Aegean Sea was hit by major floods caused by storms on Tuesday, local authorities said, as the first snow blanketed mountainous regions in northern Greece.

At least 16 people who were trapped in their homes or cars swept away by overflowing rivers were rescued by fire brigades which received more than 80 telephone calls for help.


No incidents were reported in refugee accommodation centers on the island which currently hosts about 6,200 refugees and migrants.

Schools in some parts of the island will remain closed, as meteorologists have warned that the adverse weather conditions will not recede until Thursday.

A 33-year-old Greek man lost his life during similar floods which hit Zakynthos island on the western part of the country earlier this week.

As the islanders on Lesvos were estimating on Tuesday the damage caused to dozens of homes, stores, regional roads, farmland and livestock, northern Greece was gripped by the first snowfall of this winter.

Source: Xinhua