Alipay card to be soon launched in the Greek market

“Alipay card will be soon launched in the Greek market,” Yiannis Hatzitheodosiou president of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen said in a recent event on creating a Smart City information e-platform by ZTE for Chinese tourists visiting Athens.

Speaking to ANA, Hatzitheodosiou said that according to information from ongoing negotiations with Greek banks the process was right on track, with not legal or legislative hurdles on the way, while the Greek government and the
Chinese side were continuing talks to begin the operation of the platform the soonest possible.

The aim of such a cooperation is for Chinese tourists or businessmen visiting Greece to have an Alipay account, making purchases in Greek stores through this mechanism. Aliday began an effort to gain access in European market in spring 2016. It is a platform similar with PayPal, with the difference that an Alipay account is used also for purchases not only online, through a barcode.

Alipay will have to cooperate with a Greek bank or a Greek payment system.