Briefings on benefits of vaccination against Covid-19 to be held every Monday

A campaign to raise public awareness for vaccination against Covid-19 will begin with briefings broadcast live every Monday at 18:00, the Ministry of Health said this weekend.

The live briefings will be held by National Vaccination Committee Chair Maria Theodoridou and Health Ministry Secretary General for Primary Health Care Marios Themistokleous.

Theodoridou, paediatrician at the Athens University Medical School, will focus on scientific data and developments, while Themistokleous, also a doctor by training, will focus on the vaccination program and related details, including how to access the 1,018 vaccination centers in public services nationally.

The purpose of the briefings are to relate to the public the benefits of vaccination against the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, inoculations are scheduled to begin on December 27 at five hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki, pending arrival of the vaccines.