Loans in payment moratorium totaled 28.4 billion euros at the end of 2020, report

The value of loans placed under payment moratorium in the period March-December 2020 totaled 28.4 billion euros, representing 405,473 loans, the special secretariat for Private Debt said in its fourth progress report released on Tuesday.

The report said that in the period July 2019-December 2020 settlement agreement were successfully completed on 396,621 loans (mortgage, consumer and corporate) worth 21.17 billion euros. It also said that state subsidy offered to borrowers seeking protection for their primary residence totaled 1.2 billion euros by the end of January 2021.

More specifically, 4,494 enterprises successfully settled debt to all creditors, 3,533 self-employed settled their debt to the state and 241 farmers settled their debt to the state and to the former Agricultural Bank PQH.