Local government electoral issues, landfill management top priorities for Interior Minister

Changes in the way the new electoral law is applied in local government was the focus of Interior Minister Panagiotis Theodorikakos’ policy statement for the ministry on Sunday, during the debate in parliament.

Under the new electoral law voted in last parliament’s session and going into effect in this, Theodorikakos said there will be regulations issued to help sort out the deadlock created in many municipalities where mayors do not have a majority in the city council and cannot get approval on decisions.

He also spoke of the controlled landfill of Fyli, calling it the government’s “second time bomb ready to go off,” due to its capacity issue. “Attica, besides other places, is in danger of drowning in household waste, as the SYRIZA government and the regional directorship did absolutely nothing for nearly five years to manage the issue – no study, no land planning – and now it is at a danger point,” he said.