Long-term cooperation on fiber optics network will stabilise the region, Pappas says

“Yesterday’s meeting is added to a series of meetings that show that these initiatives have a substance and a specific agenda, as well as a cross-check between the involved countries for the agreed projects,” Minister for Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Nikos Pappas said on Wednesday.

Speaking to the radio station “Sto Kokkino” for the tripartite meeting of Greece, Cyprus and Israel in Nicosia recently, Pappas added that many steps have been taken with regard to the fiber optic cable in his area of responsibility, to emphasize that “these steps are steps of strong and long-term cooperation, because they are based on infrastructure and establish common long-term interests.”

Speaking about the East Med gas pipeline, he said “the strategic advantages are enormous and Europe has every reason to make sure that hydrocarbon reserves can be secured in a stable and smooth way.” He noted that the economic studies are very positive, “subject to the confirmation of deposits”, underlining that “energy boulevards and telecommunications avenues are grounded for the re-stabilization of this sensitive area.”

Asked to comment on the decision to withdraw the US from Iran’s nuclear program, Pappas said that “we are not sure that this decision will contribute to stability,” adding that it increases the insecurity of everyone operating in the region and underlined that “Greece’s position, as well as of the EU, is that it would be preferable to have an agreement on the table where all the involving parties can be be controlled.”