Louka Katseli presents policy priorities of National Bank

Preserving and enhancing solvency and profitability of National Bank and the Group, developing new markets, products and services and funding the real economy, investing in IT, new technologies and human resources along with further upgrading corporate governance systems, were the main priorities of National Bank Group, Luca Katseli, the bank’s chairman told the annual meeting of the bank’s executives on Monday.

Referring to the funding of the Greek economy, Katseli focused on a program — to be announced soon — to fund small and medium-sized enterprises “Chain Value,” a new innovative funding tool for all enterprises included in production chain value, starting with the shipbuilding sector.

Leonidas Fragiadakis, chief executive of National Bank, addressing the meeting, said that 2016 will be a profitable year for National Bank and said that a voluntary exit program will begin in the summer. Our aim is not just the exit of workers but new hirings as well to promote new ideas, Fragiadakis said. He reiterated that the bank’s strategic plan focused on improving productivity, portfolio quality, raising revenue and digital upgrade.