Love is not blind anymore

Love in the recession era goes through the stomach. Romance can wait because the priorities have changed even in love and realism come first. Women’s top priority is security, according to the Andrology institute.

The research revealed that women that reside in working class districts of Athens want security and faith from their lover. Their love life is not considered so important any more. However, women with high income want to have a good love live confirming the historic experience “love to bloom needs full stomach and silk sheets,” Andrology institute president Constantinos Konstantinidis underlined.

The research was held in three phases in a sample of 600 women aged from 25-45 of high and medium education.
The economic crisis had a terrible effect to Eros, the god of love. The ancient quote “love goes through the stomach” contradicts the rosy impression where love (Eros) was blind and chose his victims regardless of their economic situation.