M. Schulz: The issue of Greece’s debt will be on the agenda at the upcoming ECON meeting

The issue of Greece’s debt will be on the agenda at the upcoming meeting of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) but this does not constitute a specific European Parliament initiative on this issue, EP President Martin Schulz said in a press conference on Thursday.

He was replying to press questions asking him to clarify whether the European Parliament intended to launch an initiative on Greek debt, “as Greek government sources have claimed.”

“I have heard that rumour also and as President of the Parliament I cannot reply to that question because I was surprised to hear that there are rumours that the European Parliament will take an initiative. I spoke with Alexis Tsipras about the situation with the debt, about the ongoing debate in Greece, and the prime minister spoke with me about the discussions the government in Greece has with the European Stability Mechanism, with the European Commission, the European Central Bank, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). I think the source of this rumour is that, in the frame of the responsibility of our Economic and Monetary Committee, the ECON Committee of the European Parliament, it will be on the agenda of one of the meetings of this committee but that is quite normal; it is not an specific initiative of the European Parliament,” Schulz replied.