Macron: Greece is emerging from the crisis, France will continue to support Greece

Greece is emerging from the crisis, Macron noted in his own speech at the SNFCC’S Greek-French business forum, after the Greek premier.

Addressing Tsipras, Macron said that he can guarantee that France will have friendly stance towards Greece and that it will have support for the continuation of reforms. He also offered assurances that France will continue to support Greece in its effort to overcome the crisis and said that French entrepreneurs will participate in this effort.

The French president underlined the presence of French enterprises in Greece. “We were, we are and we will be here,” he said, underlining that this bond will continue to be strong.

Addressing the representatives of French businesses active in Greece, he said: “I want those of you that have been here a long time to provide new energy, new force to the investments in Greece.” He noted that the Greek government has invited French businesses to talk about the difficulties they faced and how the French and Greek governments can help overcome the obstacles.