Main opposition leader charges gov’t of diplomatic inadequacy in foreign affairs

Accusing the government of endangering Greece with its stance on international issues, main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis called for a national rally of all forces to help the country, on Wednesday.

“Calmness, self-confidence and unity” are necessary, he told party officers at a meeting in Athens, and called for a rallying of defence and diplomatic forces, citizens and Greeks abroad.

Mitsotakis also said that the ruling coalition’s claim that Greece will see a “clean exit” from the loan memoranda without additional measures “is another dirty lie of the government, to sweeten the impending measures.”

The ND leader expressed concern for the two Greek servicemen held in Turkey, and the belief that they will be released soon; issues like this, he said, would have been resolved in a matter of hours in the past. “The government has proven inadequate to the task, and when we refer to national issues, ‘inadequate’ means ‘dangerous’,” Mitsotakis said.

Among several issues he covered, the main opposition leader castigated the government over the way it handled the Novartis case and said it had “transformed a real scandal into a despicable libellous attack against its political opponents.” He added that the ruling coalition “is hiding” the anonymous witnesses around whom the case was built “because its original plan is to hand the case over to regular courts, as we had charged from its very beginning.”