Main opposition leader ‘must be specific’, Economou says

“In times of great crises, courageous and responsible decisions are required to protect people and defend the public interest,” he said, noting that those unable to take such decisions has nothing to offer.

He also noted that Tsipras, in his meetings with doctors ahead of the vote on the measures in Parliament, must spell out what measures he thinks should be taken:

“Since he does not agree with making vaccination mandatory for those over 60 years old, what specific measures does he propose so that 520,000 of our citizens who are systematically avoiding vaccination – and are in the age group that most needs hospital and in which there are the greatest losses – will make haste to get vaccinated,” Economou demanded.

He called on the main opposition to clearly state whether this decision was “targeting” or an affirmation of life and an act of justice for the vaccinated and those deprived of the services of the public health system because “some stubbornly refuse to get vaccinated”.

The spokesperson concluded by urging Tsipras “to set aside generalities, aphorisms and complaints and adopt a specific position…otherwise he will prove himself unequal to the occasion and to carrying the burden of imperative decisions that have political cost.”