Main opposition ND ‘in a panic’ over Novartis scandal and showing it, gov’t sources say

Government sources on Tuesday said that main opposition New Democracy was “in a panic and showing it,” while commenting on the party’s reaction to the Novartis case.

The same sources noted that the “Novartis scandal is not Greek but international, and as Greece was the country of reference for the pricing of medicines in 29 countries, it was the crucial country.” Authorities in Greece and foreign countries are now investigating the pricing method used and “whether politicans have been bribed at the expense of patients and the country’s health system,” the sources added.

“ND allegations about intervention in justice are at best comical,” said the same sources, explaining that “there can be no intervention in the work of justice after the drafting of the casefile, the moment of its submission to parliament and the implication alone is a direct insult to the prosecutors and judges that have been working hard for months. Besides, justice keeps parliament informed on the progress of penal cases.”

“The government wants nothing more than the law to be upheld and for light to get to the bottom of a major international scandal. It is our hope that everyone wants the same,” said government sources.