Major developments expected in Greece and Europe, Digital Policy Min Pappas says

Major developments are expected in Greece and Europe over the next two years, Minister for Digital Policy, Information and Technology Nikos Pappas said on Thursday, in an interview with Avghi newspaper.
Pappas expressed optimism that after years of difficulties, we can once again chart a positive course for the country and, on the other hand, “have the voice that we are entitled to or, rather, are obliged to have for the overall prospects of Europe.”

He underlined that at the heart of a major political debate are, among others, the deepening of political union, the strengthening of democracy at all levels, the social and growth pillars of the EU, the convergence of economies through new common institutions, the increased budget, the Europe-wide deposit guarantee and the establishment of ministerial positions at European level for the economy and social cohesion.

Moreover, he estimated that “European citizens, and especially young people, need a new dynamic vision that should become the flagship of the struggle of progressive and leftist forces against the rise of nationalism and the social despair caused by unrestrained neo-liberalism.”

“At the same time, Greece is recovering and laying the foundations for a just and sustainable growth,” he added.

Pappas suggested that the real political objectives and the content of any left-wing policy are the reduction of unemployment and an increase in the income of the workers, adding that “in order to achieve this goal we are looking for the optimal settlement serving the country’s financial needs.”