Majority of Greek retailers less satisfied with their sales during autumn sales

The majority of Greek retailers were less satisfied with their sales during the interim autumn sales season this year compared with 2015, a survey by Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE) said.
The survey showed that four out of five enterprises (78 pct) participated in the November sales 10-day season, a rate increasing among enterprises in the clothing/footwear sector but falling in the book, toys, sports and home equipment sectors.

Around one/third of enterprises (35 pct) offered discounts of 11-20 pct, while a 30 pct of enterprises offered discounts of 21-40 pct. Clothing/footwear enterprises offered smaller discounts, a 42 pct offered discount of 11-20 pct, while a 36 pct of home equipment enterprises offered discount of 21-40 pct.

A 29 pct of enterprises showed their sales in the November sales season to remain unchanged compared with 2015 while only 4.0 pct reported an improvement. A 71 pct of home equipment companies said their sales fell this year, while eight in 10 enterprises based in Macedonia reported a decline in sales and enterprises based in Crete and other Greek islands showed more resilience.

The survey showed that the November sales season does not affect the autumn-winter season (49 pct), while a 60 pct of respondents said the sales season has not affected the frequency of visitors and a 20 pct said the season has negative consequences.

A 71 pct of businessmen said they personally covered their needs for personnel on Sunday 6 November, while a 28 pct said they expanded working hours of its existing staff. Only a 2.0 pct said they have made new hirings for the extra working day.

Retail commerce groups said sales in the November sales season fell 13.5 pct compared with the same period last year.