Manhunt to locate taxi driver’s killer

Police has launched a manhunt to locate the killer who shot in the head a 52 year-old taxi driver in the Athens suburb of Kifissia Tuesday midnight who is also suspect of another similar incident (32-year old taxi driver shot in the head and SURVIVED) that occured on Saturday 11 February in the same area.

According to 32-year-old taxi driver’s testimony, the perpetrator is about 30 years-old and probably Greek. He got on board the taxi and while on the move he had a burning feeling in the head and asked from the passenger to pull the hand break because he felt he losing consciousness. The killer pulled the hand brake took the taxi’s keys and fled. The taxi driver was sent to hospital where the doctors found out that he was shot three times in the neck.

In both incidents he used the same gun and acted in the same area. Police believes that it is a modified gun with silencer. The fact that in both cases the killer did not rob the victims supports the view that we have to do a with a maniac.