Many changes and amendments in draft law tabled by Ministry of Justice

A draft bill was tabled on Monday by the Ministry of Justice, containing changes and amendments on various aspects of the judicial system.

Among other provisions, the bill proposes the following:

– All suspects and defendants will have the right to silence and to non-self-incrimination and will be presumed innocent, with the burden of proof during criminal proceedings falling on the judges

– The total number of prosecutor positions will increase, while the office for the prosecutor for financial crimes will be augmented with staff moved from other areas of the public sector

– The draft bill specifically defines the procedure of election and the requirements for the post of the Greek European Prosecutor, whose role will be to liaise with the European Public Prosecutor’s Office for the investigation and prosecution of charges of fraud against the EU budgets and other the EU’s financial interests. The initiative comes in the aftermath of a European Parliament decision, signed by Greece in October 2017, determining the legal framework for the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.