Market test for PPC’s lignite units to take place in June

Electricity companies as well as large energy consumers from Greece, China, the USA, the Czech Republic and other European countries have so far been invited to participate in the market test for PPC’s lignite plants (Megalopolis and Florina) in order to determine the terms of the tender.

PPC president and managing director Manolis Panagiotakis announced the market test on Wednesday, on the sidelines of the signing of a loan agreement with the European Investment Bank, saying that the call for tenders will take place in June.

Meanwhile, a number of outstanding issues have to be solved regarding the licences for the units and the mines, the status of the mine in Florina and the long-term energy planning that will indicate the participation percentage of lignite-powered plants in electricity generation in the coming years and thus indirectly determine the shares in the energy basket.

However, the studies of the Regulatory Authority of Energy, as well as PPC’s estimates, indicate that the lignite station in Amynteo is essential to ensure security of supply but requires environmental upgrading at a cost of around 100 million euros – an investment for which PPC seeks to secure the participation of a third party investor.

The PPC chairman also noted that the “scenarios” examined by the company show that lignite investment is profitable, even if carbon dioxide emission prices increase to between 25 and 30 euros per tonne.