SEV: Markets would appreciate a continuation of reforms

“Markets would appreciate the continuation and deepening of reforms that have not yet been fully implemented, and for the country to exploit its comparative advantages, establishing the implementation of strong economic performances in the future. This has great significance given the uncertainty prevailing on the debt relief outlook,” Theodoros Fessas, head of the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises (SEV) said on Friday.

Addressing a two-day summit of BusinessEurope in Sofia, Bulgaria, Fessas said that with the prospect of concluding an adjustment programme in August 2018, markets have already turned their sights on Greece and are monitoring developments to identify signs showing that a return to the bad governance habits of the past was not an option and would be avoided at any cost.

“What’s at stake is the country’s ability to return the global economy on equal terms,” Fessas said, adding that Greece needed even stronger growth and fiscal discipline if it wanted to manage the issue of debt sustainability efficiently and change the Greece’s image as a country of low competitiveness and weak institutional performance.

“It is extremely important to exploit the Commission’s recent proposal on the EU budget in the period 2021-2027. In sectors such as immigration, European defence, border protection, digital convergence or linking European funds with the rule of law and structural reforms, there must be decisive support by all Greeks,” Fessas noted.