May Day 2017 will mark new start for a major working class struggle, KKE leader says

“May Day in 2017 will be the real start of new, major and dynamic working-class and labour struggles, a regrouping of the movement to take back all that was stolen during the period of crisis and abolish all the anti-labour, anti-popular laws,” Communist Party of Greece (KKE) General Secretary Dimitris Koutsoumbas said on Monday, in a message marking the May Day holiday.

He said Greece should extricate itself from the “false alliances” of the EU and NATO, unilaterally writing off its debt and embarking on a path of socialising the organisation of production, services and the economy based on a centrally processed plan “in order to open the way for our people’s real prosperity, against wars, with peace, with the working class and the people in power.”

“This path can and must open from today, from this time on, every day and every hour. This is the call of the KKE to the Greek people,” he said, while addressing a rally organised by the KKE-affiliated trade union group PAME in Athens.