McDonald’s celebrates its 25th anniversary in Greece

McDonald’s celebrates its 25th anniversary in Greece this year with network of 23 restaurants and two McCafes around the country, with a workforce of 450, serving more than 4 million meals annually.

Premier Capital Hellas, owned by Premier Capital plc based in Malta, is the operator of McDonald’s network in Greece. Premier Capital plc took over as Developmental Licensee of McDonald’s in 2011. In the last six years, and despite adverse economic conditions prevailing in the country, Premier Capital is implementing a long-term strategy with the aim to develop and strengthen the brand and enhance its relation with consumers.

Premier Capital has completed investments worth more than 10.4 million euros to open new restaurants and to rennovate existing ones. The company plans to open two new restaurants soon, with the aim to open at least eight new restaurants in the next three years, raising its network to 33. New investments will total 11.9 million euros, creating around 250 new job positions.

Premier Capital is Developmental Licensee of McDonald’s in Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania, serving more than 100 million consumers with annual sales of 230 million euros.

Victor Tedesco, managing director for Greece said: “We took over the operation of McDonald’s in Greece in 2011 and we already see positive results. We believe that the Greek market is much biggest prospects and significant prospects of improving McDonald’s network”.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary in Greece, McDonald’s cooperated with chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos to create new new anniversay premium burgers.