Measures against coronavirus extended until Monday, December 7

“There are some first signs of a reduction in the number of coronavirus cases. If this pace continues, then the pressure on the National Health System will begin to fall,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Thursday during a press briefing.
“Then we can plan a gradual return to some kind of normalcy. At the moment, the existing restrictive measures for the protection from the coronavirus are extended until Monday, December 7, 2020 at 06.00 in the morning,” he added.
He stressed that this decision is imperative as the epidemiological burden is still high.

Petsas also referred to national issues, saying that “Turkey has been trying to cover the face of the troublemaker with the mask of a peacemaker. But Europe is not naive. Turkey, on one hand, continues its illegal activity in areas that overlap the Greek continental shelf and, on the other hand, speaks generally and vaguely about the intention of dialogue with Greece. It is clear that it is struggling by the stress of sanctions, in view of the EU summit in December. It did the same before the October summit.”

“But last-minute words are not convincing. Turkey has been given the opportunity and time to choose which path to follow. It did not take advantage of Europe’s offer and did not respond to the call for respect for international law. While pledging to call for a resumption of exploratory contacts, it responded with a challenge from Oruc Reis and its navy. And of course, with the very provocative presence of the Turkish President in the occupied territories (on Cyprus) in violation of both the decisions of the UN Security Council and the European Council. Now, no mask can hide the reality. Any malicious last-minute manifestation of an allegedly ‘goodwill’ can only be taken as pretextual.”

Petsas reiterated that “continuity and consistency are required in a sincere policy of de-escalation on the part of the neighbour. “Respect for international law is required as a permanent choice and not as a flag of opportunity.”