Meetings of the Greek economic staff at Intenational Monetary Fund’s headquarters

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos sent the message that Greece will tap markets with or without the IMF, speaking at the IMF headquarters.

According to Michalis Ignatiou’s website, Tsakalotos agreed with IMF chief Christine Lagarde for a rapid review in order all the procedures that will assist the country to exit the memoranda to be completed quickly.

According to the same source, Tsakalotos’ meeting with Lagarde was held in a positive climate and both agreed that the third review must conclude until the end of the year in order the issue of the debt to be set.

IMF’s review is expected in February, said a well informed source adding that “the scenario for an agreement on the debt will be feasible then. This will offer us the time to prepare and facilitate Greece exit to the markets”.
The same source said that Athens wants the IMF in the programme because of its stance on the debt settlement and noted that “it will not bring us trouble to tap markets if the IMF withdraws from programme. Greece can survive without the IMF”.

Conveying a message from Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to Lagarde, Tsakalotos called the IMF to state clearly its position.

The economic staff said that Greece will meet its targets for 2018 primary surplus.

Moreover, Tsakalotos held a series of meetings with investors and also held discussions of political interest at the IMF’s headquarters.

Tsakalotos also met with Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs David Malpass. The US official said that he supports IMF’ pressure for the debt and promised that Washington will press Germany for progress in the debt issue.