Meimarakis: Greece needs a stable coalition government – SYRIZA must participate

Ïìéëßá ôïõ ÐñïÝäñïõ ôçò ÍÝáò Äçìïêñáôßáò ÅõÜããåëïõ ÌåúìáñÜêç ìå ðïëéôåõôÝò ôçò ÍÝáò Äçìïêñáôßáò, ÔåôÜñôç 26 Áõãïýóôïõ2015. (EUROKINISSI/ÃÉÁÍÍÇÓ ÐÁÍÁÃÏÐÏÕËÏÓ)

Greece needs a stable coalition government that will stay in power for a full four-year term, New Democracy (ND) leader Vangelis Meimarakis told a Greek paper, adding that his party would be willing to cooperate with SYRIZA.

“SYRIZA must participate,” the leader of the main opposition was quoted as telling Real News in an interview published on Sunday, while he accused its leader, Alexis Tsipras, of showing “arrogance and authoritative behavior by stating he will cooperate with nobody except the Independent Greeks, thus excluding any post-election cooperation – particularly if ANEL don’t enter parliament.” Meimarakis expressed the opinion that the times of the one-party government are over and stated that he will attempt to cooperate with as many parties as possible. “We need a government of all the Greeks”, adding that he will do all he can to this direction.

“If the Greek people elect New Democracy as a first party – a trend is already showing – I will seek to achieve a wider cooperation of the pro-European political forces to form a stable government with a four-year mandate,” he told the paper, adding that such a government would then implement a jointly approved national plan of economic and social recovery “under the inviolable condition of safeguarding Greece’s presence in Europe.”

The head of ND also accused Tsipras of stating divisive dilemmas to the Greek people, while reminding that within seven months of governance he managed to cancel all the efforts of the previous government and load Greece with new debt. “All this bad he did cannot be reversed.

Meimarakis will visit the 80th Thessaloniki International Fair on September 12-13. On the 12th, he will speak at Vellidis conference center at 20.00 (local time), while on Sunday will hold a press conference at 13.00.