Meimarakis: Our first priority is to get the economy back on track to revive the market

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Evangelos Meimarakis on Monday said his priority after the elections would be to revive the economy and restore liquidity following a meeting with representatives of industry, business and trade associations.

“Our first priority is to get the economy back on track to revive the market,” he noted adding the second would be to pump in the market some much-needed liquidity.

He said the real economy, the market, the private sector and its employees have taken the biggest hit in the last seven months adding that “there can be no economy and market without money.”

According to Meimarakis, the Greek economy will only start working again if stability and credibility are restored because this will bring investment and create jobs, while he urged all Greeks to work on this effort. “In this effort we need everyone’s mobilization! It’s time for the country’s productive reconstruction, for hard work by everyone to move forward. [We need] stability, cooperation, credibility, investments and jobs.”

On his side, the President of the Central Union of Greek Chambers and ACCI Constantine Michalos in his statements underlined that unless there is political stability, it is difficult for the market to get back on track. “We need a government coalition because we are in a middle of a crisis, the worst since World War II,” he said and announced adding that he has submitted equivalent measures of 4.6 billion euros.

“The market will not open unless banks open,” the president of the Greek Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship and the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Piraeus Vassilis Korkidis said.

On his part, the president of SETE Andreas Andreadis stressed the positive developments in tourism, noting that we had a new record of 26 million arrivals with revenues of 15 billion euros.