Mesolonghi asks to be declared in state of emergency after thunderstorm

The prefecture of western Greece sent a request to the general secretariat of civil protectionto declare Mesolonghi in a state of emergency, following the intense thunderstorm that hit the region along with other parts of the country on Saturday .

In a letter requesting the state of emergency, Mesolonghi mayor Nikos Karapanos said the unprecedented volume of water that swept through the area early this morning flooded houses and pens, as well as cotton, olive and vegetable crops. The city also went dark after lighting hit a power pole.

In Athens, the fire department said it received over 100 calls after a thunderstorm swept through the city, causing floods and tree falls.

Crews were called to pump out water from basements and remove tree branches in the center of Athens, the northern suburbs and Ilion in western Attica. Floods were also reported in the cities of Patras, Nafpaktos and Preveza.