Pappas: Messolonghi a symbol of struggle for freedom, independence and democracy

The brave sacrifice and heroism of Messolonghi made it an international symbol of the struggle of the world’s people for freedom, national independence and democracy, Digital Policy and Media Minister Nikos Pappas said on Sunday, at events marking the 192nd anniversary since the ‘Exodus of the Guard’ from the besieged Greek city in 1826.

“We are in Messolonghi, the Messolonghi of self-denial and heroism…Messolonghi sends a message that has not dimmed through the centuries, namely that some things cannot be put on a scale. Sacrifice is self-evident when goods such as freedom and independence are at stake,” he said.

Pappas, who was representing the government at the event, also expressed the government’s certainty “with the same values we will take the firm and steady steps to exit this crisis, which our country has suffered all these years.”