Meteo and astronomy programme for pupils at the National Observatory of Athens

The Athens National Observatory organises the education meteorology programme “Winds and water” in combination with an astronomy and space physics programme with the support of

The interactive programme “winds and waters” initially refers to pupils but will be also open to parents and teachers and to those that would like to learn about the weather.

The way the weather events are formed and operate will be explained with the help of interactive videos, simulations and experiments that will last approximately 2 hours.

A discussion on the prognosis and which are the first stages of the formation of a twister and how to protect yourself in extreme weather conditions will be also part of the programme.
The participants will be toured in the area of the Newall Telescope and afterwards in the operation site of the solar telescope Lunt where a sun observation will be held if the weather conditions are appropriate.

Those interested can make a reservation on The ticket costs 5 euros.