Metron Logistics signs memorandum of cooperation with Farmers Union

Metron Logistics signed a memorandum of cooperation with Farmers Union to offer modern logistics services to the union’s 30,000 members, creating the first synergy in the agrilogistics sector in Greece.

Metron Logistics is -since October 2016- the exclusive logistics provider of Farmers Union, covering the whole range of logistics services, focusing on warehousing, managing agro-supplies and product inventorities, distribution, international transport and developing a Supply Chain Management for Farmers Union’s members.

“The aim of the cooperaiton is to create an integrated logistics network that will benefit producers of agro-livestock products that will gain easier access in markets at lower costs and with better terms in concentation and distribution of their goods. This partnership will benefit final consumers as well who will enjoy high-quality products at affordable prices,” a statement said.

Farmers Union was founded in 2013 and has 30,000 members. It is a pioneer cooperative platform bringing together independent producers from the agricultural sector.