Mid-season spring sales to be held on May 1-15

The mid-season spring sales begin in Greece on May 1 and end on May 15, with shops allowed to stay open for one Sunday during that time, during the recommended opening times of 11:00-20:00. The precise dates may vary according to region, as per a list given below, while some areas may choose to hold interim sales in different months.

During the sales, shops are allowed to display the new price and the old price, as well as to advertise and display the percentage discount given on items.

In most areas, including Attica and Achaia, mid-season spring sales will be held on May 1-15 and shops have the option to stay open on Sunday, May 7.

In other areas, the date of the mid-season spring sales differs as follows:

May 1-15 with optional operation on Sunday, May 14
– Paionia Municipality in Kilkis

May 1-13 and May 26-28 with optional operation on Sunday, May 7
– Drama

May 1-10 with optional operation on Sunday, May 7
– Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area
– Halkidiki
– Larisa
– Trikala
– Magnisia
– Arta
– Kilkis

May 2-11 with optional opening on Sunday, May 7
– Karditsa

September 1-15 and September 18 – October 2
– Aitoloakarnania

March 4-18 and September 1-15
– Evros

March 17-31 and September 1-15
– Xanthi

March 14-28 and September 1-15
– Rodopi

March 1-15 and September 1-15
– Dodecanese
– Iraklio, Crete non-tourist regions

April 18-28 and October 11-31
– Iraklio tourist areas