MIG elects new chairman of the board

Marfin Investment Group (MIG) on Thursday announced that the chairman of the company’s board of directors Mr. Stavros Lekkakos tendered his resignation from the board on Wednesday.

The board of directors expressed its thanks to Mr. Lekkakos and elected the current Executive Vice-Chairman Mr. Panagiotis Throuvalas as new Chairman of the Board of Directors with executive powers.

Further to that, the Company’s Board of Directors was constituted as follows:

1. Panagiotis Throuvalas, Chairman –Executive Member;

2. Manolis Xanthakis, Vice-Chairman – Independent Non-Executive Member;

3. Athanasios Papanikolaou, Chief Executive Officer – Executive Member;

4. Christophe Vivien, Executive Member;

5. Georgios Efstratiadis, Non-Executive Member;

6. Fotios Karatzenis, Non-Executive Member;

7. George Lassados, Independent Non-Executive Member;

8. Stefanos Capsaskis, Independent Non-Executive Member;

9. Petros Katsoulas, Independent Non-Executive Member; and

10. Efstratios Chatzigiannis, Independent Non-Executive Member.