Migrant flows at Aegean islands increase on Lesvos and Samos, drop on Chios

A total of 997 refugees and migrants arrived at northern Aegean islands in February, according to official data on Wednesday.

Of the total, 553 were registered at centers on Lesvos (compared to 252 in February 2017), 47 on Chios (257), and 397 on Samos (172).

The increased flows on Lesvos and Samos compared to the very low numbers on Chios were attributed by authorities to increased patrols on the Turkish side in the sea area between Chios and the coast of Turkey, in order to prevent Turkish nationals from fleeing the Erdogan regime.

The official online page of Turkey’s coast guard said that a total of 25 operations were carried out in Turkish territorial waters, most of them in the sea area betwen Turkey and Chios, and 1,046 individuals were prevented from reaching Greece.