Migration Minister Mouzalas: We will not allow the agreement between EU and Turkey to fail

Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas made a plea to the residents of the northern Aegean islands to contribute to the construction of reception centers for the migrants and refugees otherwise the agreement between EU and Turkey will be at stake. “We will not allow the agreement to fail,” said Mouzalas speaking to SKAI private TV on Thursday.

He accused main opposition New Democracy of “triggering conditions and actions to prevent the construction of indoor centers on the islands” and reassured that the government’s aim is to “set up indoor centers on Chios, Lesvos and Samos but in parallel seeks a broad consensus.

Mouzalas said that Turkey did not accept undocumented migrants that have been detained and transferred to Athens.

He also underlined that the right for asylum is abused provided that 97 percent of the migrants and refugees that arrive in Greece apply for asylum while the number of migrants and refugees that sought asylum in the past was only 2 percent.

The minister also said that the staff for asylum requests has been tripled and explained that 70 percent of the migrants that arrive in Greece are undocumented.

Concluding, Mouzalas said that “we may make mistakes but we never lie.”