Min Spirtzis: Disagreement between EU and IMF may bring positive developments for Greece

Positive developments for Greece and for Europe in general will derive through EU and IMF’s disagreement, estimated Infrastructures and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis in an interview with Athens Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

“IMF’s clear statement that the Greek debt is not sustainable totally disagrees with Europe and mostly with forces expressed by the extreme circles and I believe that through this argument very positive developments may arise for Greece and Europe” said Spirtzis.

He also noted that the disagreement among the lenders lead them to irrational demands “We will give our battle to complete the negotiation as soon as possible”.

The minister said that Corinth-Patras motorway will be delivered in the end of March and estimated that Thessaloniki metro will operated at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Finally, he said that the introduction of the e-ticket will radically change the urban transport in Athens “we will be able to draw better the itineraries and their link with the metro stations and to also plan another pricing policy depending on the trip of every citizen, a wider and in depth social policy for the weaker groups of citizens”.