Minimum wage increase an ’emblematic action’, Tzanakopoulos says

The increase in the minimum wage is an emblematic action for the government, its spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Thursday in an interview with Real FM.

Responding to the criticism of opposition parties claiming that the raise was a communications gimmick, Tzanakopoulos recalled that the decision had been announced more than a year ago, and since September 2018 “everyone knew that the announcement of the new minimum wage would take place in the second half of January, as the law itself provides.”

Asked when general elections will be held, he reiterated that the government has another eight months to go and a very specific plan. “We have very important work ahead of us and that is our only preoccupation. We aren’t preoccupied with the date of the elections. The aim is to complete the government’s term,” he underlined.