Minister of Digital Government – 192,000 vaccination appointments booked in the last two weeks

“About 6.8 million people have been vaccinated with the first dose and about 5.6 million have been vaccinated with both doses. On Monday, November 15, 27 thousand appointments were made for the first installment and 105 thousand appointments for the third installment “. This was emphasized by the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis in an interview on a TV show on Action 24. He underlined that “especially for the appointments of the first installment in the last two weeks we have 192 thousand appointments that have been closed”.

Mr. Pierrakakis regarding the un-vaccination movement stated characteristically: “We believe that on the one hand we must implement those measures that ensure public health, while another part has to do with the exercise of persuasion and communication of all medical data concerning a very difficult times “.

Speaking about the vaccination system, he pointed out that it is a successful system and added: “It reflects the huge potential that exists in the field of information technology and in our country in general when there is a plan and suitable people and above when there is the will.”

Regarding popular applications of the Ministry of Digital Government, Mr. Pierrakakis stressed that the services of digital signature, authorizations and responsible statements have a greater response. “To date, through 4.5 million responsible statements and 1.5 million authorizations. We will not stay here though. In the coming days we will increase digital signature services, such as for contracts or other transactions. Within a few days it will be done through, as well as the part that concerns the private contracts “.

He also announced that the Ministry of Digital Policy is preparing the digital application for the electronic transfer of real estate that the notary will have, where he will obtain all the necessary information. “The thought is that there should be no physical visit and the process should be done by video conference,” he pointed out.

Mr. Pierrakakis added that, already, through the citizens are served for 1288 services, while he added that for the projects of the Recovery Fund a huge fund of about 700 million euros has been provided so that “the paper can be turned into information and this concerns EFKA, urban planning, the health system, justice and other sectors “.

Finally, he reiterated that the digitization of the state is a personal vision and commitment of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.