Minister orders review of all Greek-flagged tankers as pumping of oil continues out of sunken “Agia Zoni II”

An emergency review of all Greek-registered tankers operating in Greek waters was ordered by Shipping and Island Policy Panagiotis Kouroublis, he told Skai radio on Thursday, adding that the review will affect vessels in all sectors and will include all seaworthiness documents issued by the ministry or by authorised entities.

Meanwhile, the tanker “Lassea” was expected to unload by court order at the facilities of Hellenic Petroleum on Thursday 1,533 cubic metres of oil products it has pumped out of the tanker “Agia Zoni II”, which sank in the Saronic Gulf last weekend.

The “Lassea”, one of the vessels used in the aftermath of the oil spill created after “Agia Zoni II” sank, was found to have been carrying 45 to 55 cubic metres of mixed oils without proper documentation. Initially its captain and the chief engineer were expected to appear before a magistrate on Thursday on suspicion of fuel smuggling, but will do so Friday instead.

In comments to Skai, Kouroublis also said that “Agia Zoni II” was loaded under customs supervision with a total of 1,819 tonnes of oil, according to Hellenic Petroleum, which was destined for four vessels, according to documents.

Meanwhile, the process of pumping out the sunken vessel, in the waters southwest of Atalanti, will continue, as will the cleaning up of coastal areas affected by the spill.