Minister Pitsiorlas: Ministerial decisions on Hellinikon ready by October

Deputy Economy and Development Minister Stergios Pitsiorlas expects the ministerial decisions regarding the construction of the Hellinikon project to be issued by October, he said on Friday.

“On the Hellinikon project we are reaching the end,” he told parliament, adding that the governnment is at the stage of issuing joint ministerial decisions on construction and development zone issues.

Responding to criticism that the Greek government is holding up key investment projects, Pistiorlas blamed delays on problems with public investment and development laws. But he said that progress is being made.

“We are not doing the country justice when we talk about these descriptions from opposition parties. We are in a much better situation and at a better position in talks (with lenders). I believe that we will prove (negative) forecasts wrong and that we will got to a final result which may not be perfect, but will be better than what we have just heard, giving the country the ability to grow,” he added.