Minister says village destroyed by earthquake in Lesvos will ‘become as it was’

A village in southern Lesvos flattened by a 6.1-magnitude earthquake that struck last week will become as it was, Infrastructure Minister Christos Spirtzis said on Thursday, during a meeting with local authorities in Mytilene on how to tackle the effects of the tremor.

“Vrisa will once again become as it was,” he said, adding in a comment to the Athens –Macedonian News Agency (ANA) that “when the reconstruction of buildings that have suffered great damage is completed, a visitor to Vrisa […] will not feel like he has gone anywhere else but in Vrisa, as he knew it.”

During the meeting, the minister announced owners of homes that collapsed will be subsidized with 1,200 euros per square meter to rebuild them. Until they are rebuilt, earthquake victims will receive a rent subsidy of 300 to 600 euros per household, per month.