Ministry of Culture simplifies licensing for use of ancient sites as event venues

Cultural heritage sites may be used for high-quality public events involving the arts and lectures, the Ministry of Culture and Sports announced on Wednesday, and the approval for events rests directly with the related Antiquities Ephorate or museum.

In an announcement published today in the Government Gazette, the ministry also listed the cultural heritage sites which remain under the supervision of the Central Archaeological Council and the Central Council of Modern Monuments.

The include the following: all UNESCO World Heritage sites, Herod Atticus Odeum (“Irodio”), Pnyx, the Ancient Agora of Athens and its museum, Sounion, Ancient Epidaurus’ theater, Knossos, the Panathenaic Stadium, the former Royal Tract of Land and the Tatoi Summer Palace, and Makronissos.

The decision will allow the sites, monuments and museums to “become further integrated into contemporary life, making them accessible to artistic creation, and to simplify such processes by decentralizing the responsibility,” the ministry said.