Mitarachi: Government’s policy for the reduction of flows is non-negotiable

Α meeting between Migration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarachi and Orestiada mayor Vasilis Mavridis was underway at the town hall of the northeastern Greek city on Monday afternoon.

“The government’s policy for the reduction of the migration flows is non-negotiable. For New Democracy’s government the flows and the migration issue is a major problem for the country and we are implementing a very strict migration policy that sets two to three targets. The reduction of the flows and limiting the repercussions on local communities. In this context, I will happily discuss with you and with the local agencies and political party representatives and the regional authority of Evros. I believe that we all agree that our country can’t and should not be the gateway for traffickers to Europe, so the protection of the borders, the border guards and the line of defence, with closed and controlled centres, are for us necessary in order to not experience again all that we experienced in the previous years,” Mitarachi said.