Mitarakis: There will be no pension cuts

“We will have recourse to the Council of State through a pilot trial on January 10, 2020, in order to examine all questions that have been raised by pensioners, who are seeking back payments for the past five years, in order to get a final, definitive and clear answer. Following this, it is given that any rulings will be absolutely respected and enforced,” Deputy Labour and Social Affairs Minister Notis Mitarakis said on Tuesday.

Speaking on ANT1 television, Mitarakis said the CoS rulings of October 4 will be incorporated into a new pensions bill and “all the injustices of the Katrougalos law corrected.” The new pension system will come into force before the date the rulings are issued so that there is no issue of back payments, he added.

He clarified that current pensions are the “lowest level” of pension payments and that there will be no cuts.

On the measures the government is planning to use the fiscal space that exists, he said that priority will be given to reducing social insurance contributions for employees and businesses that currently make Greece uncompetitive and setting up a permanent support mechanism for pensioners. He left open the possibility of pension increases, provided that the pension system returns to normal and there are margins for them.