Mitsοtakis invites the political leaders to a joint initiative to honour the Polytechnic

“The real message of our people’s struggles for freedom and democracy requires, especially in a time of pandemic, to honour our history and the anniversary of the Polytechnic in a different way,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in a statement on Monday.

He underlined: “This year we did not celebrate either March 25 or October 28. But that did not diminish their importance. We are free to choose to limit some of our rights in order to protect ourselves, those we love and the common good. Because freedom cannot exist without responsibility. In the face of the danger of the junta, the leaders of the Polytechnic stood unarmed. In the face of the danger of death, we are armed with our conscience. Because mainly it forces us, this year, to celebrate the big anniversary as the protagonists themselves would like: by protecting the health of all.”

In his statement for this year’s celebration of the anniversary of the Polytechnic, Mitsotakis also stated: “I sincerely believe that the vast majority of society finds it hard to follow the great debate that is taking place over this year’s celebration in pandemic conditions. The decision to not hold mass events and marches is imposed solely for reasons of protecting public health. Just yesterday we mourned the loss of 71 of our fellow citizens.”

“It is inconceivable, therefore, for some to stage a scene of controversy when unity and adherence to the instructions of experts are required. At this critical juncture, the historic anniversary cannot be a cause for division or human lives become a field for partisan experimentation.”

The prime minister concluded: “That is why I invite all parties to exercise restraint and the political leaders to a joint initiative to honour the Polytechnic together, led by the President of the Hellenic Republic. With a simple visit and with a flower. But with a great deal of responsibility for the good of the Greeks and our country.”