Mitsotakis: A common European response to the energy crisis is needed

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed that “addressing such a challenge requires a common European response” while noting that “actions are needed until the end of the war and the normalization of the operation of markets.”

In addition, the prime minister described as “a matter of paramount importance the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

“The 4 countries agreed that the solutions can not be just national. Yesterday we announced an additional set of measures. We propose harmonized European policy interventions against speculative trends in order to restore the balance between gas and electricity prices. We must make decisions immediately. It is impossible not to form a united front at the level of the economy. “This energy crisis can rekindle the nightmare of populism on our continent,” he said.

Finally, he informed that Greece will undertake the reconstruction of the Mariupol maternity hospital that was bombed. “To publicly express my disgust for what is happening in Ukraine, especially in Mariupol. “The Greek government will undertake, when the hostilities are over, to reconstruct the Mariupol maternity hospital that was bombed,” said Mr. Mitsotakis.