Mitsotakis accuses Tsipras of hypocrisy over investments in meeting with Eldorado unions

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis criticized Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday on his public claims that he supports investments, saying his government’s handling of Canadian miner Eldorado Gold’s investment in northern Greece shows he is actually trying to block them.

“It is ironic for the prime minister to talk about of investments and then his government do the exact opposite. Don’t listen to what they say; look at what they’re doing,” he said during a meeting with representatives of the company’s employees unions in Thessaloniki and warned about the future of Eldorado’s gold mine development in the country.

“The danger for the investment is visible. We are talking about one of the largest productive investments in the country. And while our concern should be [to create] jobs to tackle high unemployment, the government is consciously delaying the licensing of the investment for ideological reasons,” he said, adding that the Council of State has issued 16 rulings on the investment.

Mitsotakis then said his party will protect the rule of law and protect the jobs created by the investment.

“ND believes in the utilization of the country’s mineral wealth, always with absolute respect for the environment. My main concern is to create jobs. To allow a productive investment important for the area, the local community, the Greek economy, he added.