Mitsotakis and Netanyahu review the developments in the East Mediterranean

Greece and Israel maintain close ties and have room to expand them in several sectors including the defense industry, investment flows and tourism, Prime Ministers Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Benjamin Netanyahu agreed on Thursday, during a meeting in Athens, sources said.

The two leaders are meeting ahead of the signing of a trilateral agreement, including Cyprus, on the construction of the EastMed natural gas pipeline scheduled this evening.

Reviewing developments in the East Mediterranean, Mitsotakis and Netanyahu agreed that securing stability in the area allows the development and well-being of all countries in the neighborhood.
During their initial remarks, Netanyahu proposed setting up a trilateral force to put fires out so that each of the three countries does not have to shoulder all expenses on its own. Mitsotakis expressed interest, adding that “we are very interested in a joint use of means to fight national disasters, as we expect them to multiply over time.”